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Marydee Ojala, Editor

Beginning in 2013, ONLINE magazine joins forces with Searcher magazine to become Online Searcher.

Online Searcher will feature articles written by practitioner experts as well as columns by information professionals well-known throughout the information industry. Marydee Ojala is the editor-in-chief and Barbara Quint is senior editor.

If you are a current subscriber to either ONLINE or Searcher, your subscription will automatically continue with Online Searcher until your normal renewal date.

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ONLINE: Exploring Technology & Resources for Information Professionals was written for both experienced and novice information professionalsólibrarians in academic, corporate, and government work settings; serious researchers; webmasters; site designers; content managers; and those involved in knowledge/information management. It publishes practical articles, product reviews, case studies, and informed opinions about selecting, using, manipulating, and managing digital information products.

ONLINE keeps its readers abreast of new, internet-based technologies and developments in business, legal, scientific/technical, medical, social sciences, and humanities resources. Pragmatic, head-to-head comparisons of technologies, fee-based and free resources, web and premium content, and management options characterize this pioneering and visionary magazine.

ONLINE brings you a steady stream of:
• Practical, hands-on commentary and analysis of information industry trends and products
• Feature articles with information and tips that you can put to immediate use
• Critical reviews of new services, resources, Web sites, and software to help you become a great online searcher and stay that way

All of ONLINE's columnists are recognized professionals in the library and information community. They are prolific writers and speakers and are considered experts on topics crucial to ONLINE subscribers' everyday needs. ONLINE's regular columnists include:
• Greg Notess, founder of SearchEngineShowdown and Montana State University reference librarian
• Mary Ellen Bates, author of six books, world-renowned researcher, independent information professional, and astute commentator on online resources
• Marydee Ojala, prominent business researcher, teacher, and speaker
• Darlene Fichter, University of Saskatchewan data librarian, small business owner, and Web technology diva

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