Click to enlargeMaking Space Happen:
Private Space Ventures and 
the Visionaries Behind Them

By Paula Berinstein, Foreward by Fiorella Terenzi, Ph.D.

Most people equate space exploration with NASA—its multimillion-dollar, taxpayer-funded programs and its small, elite corps of astronauts—but the public is largely unaware of the many privately funded efforts to develop space for human tourism and settlement. Making Space Happen takes readers on a first-of-its-kind journey inside the private space revolution, revealing the remarkable projects and the names, faces, and opinions of the people behind them. Author Berinstein spurs a dialogue on the challenging legal and ethical issues: environmental responsibility, safety, law enforcement, government policy, property rights, and more.

Plexus Publishing, Inc. 2002/540 pp/softbound

Making Space Happen

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